Richie Onori


Having worked in the musical accessory industry for over 20 years, Richie Onori saw an opportunity in the marketplace to provide music dealers a high-quality product at prices their customers could afford. With this in mind, he founded Onori in 2005.


As a world class musician, Richie has performed, toured and recorded with numerous music icons. In early 2008, Richie became a member of the reformed multi-platinum group “The Sweet”. With such hits as Ballroom Blitz, Fox on the Run, and Love is Like Oxygen, the group tours and performs concerts both domestically and internationally.


With his decades of experience in the music product field as well as being a professional musician, Richie has been able to provide the music industry with what he believes has been missing in this niche market: high quality, superb designs, excellent delivery time, top rate customer service and a diverse yet concise product line.